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RULES International Professional Dream BASEBALL CUP 2019

This Tournament will be played according to the official baseball rules,

The rules of the tournament will only be valid for the edition of the corresponding year to which they refer. If by resolution of the assembly of delegates of each invited team any provision is applied to more than one season, this fact must be recorded at the time of its approval.

The review, discussion and approval of the championship conditions will be clause by clause. Those that have been approved or rejected, it will be recorded, without the possibility of revisiting them, saved unanimously and before signing them definitively, request their examination again. The total or partial modification of the tournament conditions, once approved, will only be possible with the unanimous vote of the sixteen (16) teams.

Chapter I


1.01. The Tournament  will be played according to the official calendar approved in the organizing committee. Any modification to the format and number of games, once approved, will only be possible by unanimous review of the sixteen (16) teams, except for force majeure, fortuitous event.

1.01.1. It is the obligation of the teams to comply with the number of games they have set in the official calendar, that is, games of qualifying stage, semifinal series and final.

1.01.2 The Championship will be played with the Rawlings ball.

1.01.3. They will participate in the Championship until the sixteen (16) convened by the organizing committee, namely:


All Star Team USA

All Star RD





U.S. Military Wardogs

Rest of the world:








1.02. The Championship will be played by the system of 2 groups described above.

1.03. The eliminatory round starting on november 01, 2019 and ending on november 12, 2019. The eliminatory round consists of games, at the following:

A) Phases by group.

B) The home  club will be drawn in the field.

1.03.1.- At the conclusion of the qualifying round, the 2 teams for each group with the best record of wins and losses will qualify to the next round. In the event that two or more teams have the same record of wins and losses, the following criteria will apply: average of races in favor. if the tie persists, it will be determined randomly, either by insaculation or by coin toss. Under no circumstances will an extra game be played to determine the positions in the classification.

1.03.2. The semifinal.

The semifinal will start in 2019 and will consist of three (2) stages: The four (4) qualified to the semifinal stage shall play one (1) series of three (3) games the first to win two (2).

Each one per zone.

The two (2) winners of each of the series, will qualify to the next final series. The losers will play for the third and fourth place. The final series.

The final with definition in one (1) game.

1.04. The schedules of the games are the following:

1.05. The games will be 7 innings during the entire tournament except semifinal and final, which will be 9 and will not have a deadline.

Chapter II

Of the postponed, suspended and fixed games

2.01. Postponed games are those that have not been able to start or can not be continued before being legal, due to:

A) rain or bad conditions of the land, consequence of it.

B) disruption in the electric lighting.   

C) fortuitous event, force majeure.

D) 2.01.1. In case of rain or bad conditions of the ground that it has originated, the main referee is the first one authorized to decide if a game can be started or not. Consult only the opinion of the managers of the home club and visitor team, if necessary with the management; consequently, the provisions of clause 4.04.a (former 3.10.a.) Of the official baseball rules shall not apply, nor shall the faculty of the home club team give advance notice of postponement or delay in the start time of the game. , established in clause 4.03 (formerly 4.01) of said rules. The referee will try, as far as possible, to avoid the postponement of the game.

2.01.2. If for any reason a game should be postponed before being considered legal, it will be considered as not performed and a new date will be indicated for its realization. Exceptions are those games postponed due to faults in the electrical lighting system, which from the same point they were at the time of occurrence of the events, even when this occurred before being legal.

2.01.3. The postponed games will be made and / or continue in the respective case, on the first immediate free date subsequent to that in which it is scheduled.

2.01.4. It will be the power of the organizing committee to reassign the game schedule to be completed.

2.02. Suspended parties are those legal games that can not be completed because of rain, fortuitous event or force majeure, or games that can not be continued due to power failure, whatever the inning in which the suspension occurs. The games suspended will continue from the moment of the suspension observing, in what is applicable, the stipulated in the official rules of the baseball 7.02.a (old 4.12).

2.02.1. Those legal games that are tied at the time of the suspension must continue from that moment (instead of playing from the beginning), at the first opportunity in which both teams face each other.

2.02.2. Legal tied games are considered valid for statistical purposes. Every effort will be made to avoid double play between different teams. In case an additional double day is essential to the programmed games, the home club team responsible for the first game will also be the second match, even if they do not participate in it. This implies that you will have all the inherent duties of the home club.

2.02.3. The organizing committee of the event is obliged to have a tarpaulin that covers the infield of the playing field to protect it in case of rain; the maintenance staff must be placed at the disposal of the main referee for the diligent placement of the tarpaulin and the conditioning of the playing field.

Likewise, it is obliged to put the aforementioned protective canvas in case of rain or threat of rain at least one (1) hour before the start of the game, for which purpose the main umpire must be present in the field of play to verify compliance with the rules. This obligation.

2.02.4. Legal games that would have to be suspended due to rain while an inning is in development and has not been completed, will be continued at a future date if one of the following conditions is met as established in clause 7.02 (former 4.12 -a- ) of the official baseball rules:

A. The visiting team has scored one or more races to tie the score or go up, and the home team has not closed the inning.

B. The visiting club has scored one or more races to go ahead and the home team has not tied this score or has taken the lead, in that entry.

2.02.5. As for those suspended games that must be completed as established in this clause, the following will continue:

  1.  Immediately before the next game.

B. Before the next single game or the double game (in that order) at the venue decided by the organizing committee

2.02.6. To finish the eliminatory round all the games must have been played.



3.01. The protests of the games must be announced to the main referee at the time stated in the Official Baseball Rules, in clause 7.04 (former 4.19), last paragraph. In case of a play that ends a game, the protest may be presented to the official scorer at the end of the match, or to the Organizing Committee until 10:00 the next morning. In any case, the main referee is obliged to inform the Technical Sports Direction about the protest.

The protests must be ratified in writing within four (4) hours after the presentation, otherwise they will not be processed. This ratification must be delivered or sent, either personally or via e-mail to the emails defined by the Organizing Committee.

For each protest the sum of fifty American dollars (50 $) will be charged directly and automatically to the team that formulates it. If it is not ratified after it has been formulated, the amount indicated will increase the funds of the Organizing Committee.

If a duly ratified protest does not succeed, the sum of the 50 fifty American dollars (50 $), will also go to the funds of the Organizing Committee, but if it is successful it will be re-added to the team.

3.02. A protest may only be held when it is based on the fact that the game was played in violation of the Official Baseball Rules, the Championship Conditions, the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the IOC or the IOC Anti-Doping Program.

A protest is considered to be successful when, in the judgment of the Technical Directorate, there has been a breach by the opposing team or one of the umpires of the Official Baseball Rules, the Championship Conditions, the IOC Code of Ethics and Discipline or of the IOC Anti-Doping Program. Even when the sanction imposed on the infringing team is not the same as that requested in the protest.

3.03. The Organizing Committee will decide on each of the protests according to the facts alleged in writing, the evidence presented, the main referee’s report and in response to the consequences resulting from the infraction.



4.01. The Organizing Committee with the Technical Sports Direction will be the one in which the specific functions on the arbitration will be delegated, will be in charge of the  selection, appointment, supervision and control of the umpires for the games of the championship.

4.02. All contact or physical aggression (understood as a result of the practice or habit of having a hostile behavior whose purpose is to cause harm to another) of a player, manager, coach or other persons to an arbitrator, shall be considered a serious fault to the principles of baseball ethics and will result in sanctions to those involved, in accordance with the disciplinary procedure provided for in the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the IOC.

The Organizing Committee, once analyzed the papers presented, the report of the umpires and gathered the relevant evidence, will take into account the seriousness of the incident, the way in which it happened, the background of those involved, in a special way, the quality and seriousness of the show, to decide on the applicable sanction.

 Any recidivism will, in principle and at least, double the penalty imposed in the tournament where it has been applied.

In both cases you will hear the allegations of the parties, ie, player, manager, coach, referee and / or any person who has been directly involved.

4.03. The umpires are obliged to submit, within four (4) hours after the Organizing Committee, an explanatory report when a player, manager, coach or other members of a team commit infractions, breaches of ethics and / or incur in improper acts.

4.04. In the development of their activities, the referees must comply with the «Instructions for Umpires» prepared by the Organizing Committee for this specialty. Also, they have the obligation to deliver once the game is over, all the balls of the game that remain with the representative of the home club team.

4.05. The permanence of strangers in the dogout is expressly forbidden. The referees will ensure that those people who are not properly uniformed, leave the respective area.

The manager or technicians of the team, twenty (20) minutes before the time set for the start of the game, will make all people – including unauthorized personnel – evict the dogout. The Organizing Committee and the teams are not responsible for any accidents that may occur due to non-compliance with this provision.

4.06. The managers, technical personnel and the rest of the players, will not be able to remain outside the dogout. Only the batter prevented and the bat-boy will be allowed, the latter must be circumscribed to their function. Players are prohibited from being outside the dogout, sitting on the floor or playing field, as well as placing chairs.

In the bullpen, those players who are not in the process of warm-up should remain seated in the marked places. The main arbitrator will ensure strict compliance with this clause. In case of refusal to comply with its instructions, it will be withdrawn and granted a deadline to comply, otherwise, it will be able to expel from the game those who fail to comply and will draw up a report that will be passed on to the Organizing Committee.

4.07. The Organizing Committee is committed to having a place for the referees with their lockers, corresponding services of towel, soap, hot water, cold water and hydration for after the game.

In addition, it will be the responsibility of the Organizing Committee to guarantee the safety of the referees, from their arrival until they leave the stadium facilities. The Organizing Committee, the operational delegates or any authorized person, will be in charge of verifying compliance with this clause.

In case one or more umpires miss the game for which they were assigned, clause 8.03.d and e (old 9.03.a and .b) of the current Official Baseball Rules will apply.



5.01. All the players registered by the delegates of each team to play in the International Dream Professional Baseball Cup 2019 will be part of the «Roster» of each team following the following rules: (i) when the registration has followed all the formalities of the Organizing Committee and ( ii) has been duly informed to the Organizing Committee of the International Dream Professional Baseball Cup 2019 in accordance with these Championship Conditions.

The registration of the players in the Pre-Roster of the teams can only be done until 18:00 hours (6:00 pm) on September 02, 2019. Time in Spain.

Via e-mail defined by the Organizing Committee of International Dream Professional Baseball Cup 2019.

The same will be up to 40 players.

The final roster of 20 players will be delivered on October 02, 2019.

The Technical Body will be composed of: One (1) Manager, five (5) coaches, One (1) Trainner, one (1) utlity.

There will only be a margin of five (5) substitutions between both rosters. Of them only one (1) with a player who was not in the Pre-roster.

5.02. For all three (3) stages of the International Dream Professional Baseball Cup 2019 the Roster will be (20) players. This fee will be maintained throughout the Tournament.

There are not substitutions.

5.03. Each club must formalize before the Organizing Committee the formal registration of the Roster for the International Dream Professional Baseball Cup 2019 Tournament.



6.01. Once the doors of access to the public are open, all the teams will be obliged to present their players, technicians, masseurs and / or trainers, doctors, security personnel and field maintenance personnel duly UNIFORMED in the practices, before and during the course of the championship games. The arbitrators, managers and team leaders will be asked for their assistance in this regard, being jointly and severally liable for compliance with this provision.

6.02. Any player who is identified, without the respective uniform in the field of play and in view of the public will be sanctioned, once the report is known.

The player who does not wear full uniform, including a hat, sweatshirts, helmets, straps, socks, can not participate in a game. The manager and coaches during the game must wear the team uniform. The player, manager or coach who does not comply with the required uniformity, will be warned by any referee and will not be able to act until they wear the uniform correctly. The head of the group or principal is responsible for the compliance and application of this provision. The Organizing Committee will write this clause in writing to the managers and referees.

6.03. The provisions of clause 3.03.d (former 1.11.b) of the Official Baseball Rules shall apply:

a) Each team will wear a distinctive uniform at all times.

b) Each team will have at least two sets of uniforms. The light color for when it is home club, and different color when it is visitor. Teams may agree to the use of alternative uniforms, as long as they use colors that do not show similarities or are opposite, at the discretion of the group leader or main referee.

c) Clubs must send the Organizing Committee a detailed description of their home club, visitor, practices and alternative uniforms, accompanying a photographic memory, until September 29, 2019.

In case of non-compliance during the Championship of this provision, the Organizing Committee will analyze the case and immediately notify the offending team so that it complies with what is established here, notifying the referees of the decision taken. In case of recidivism, the main referee or group leader have the obligation to warn the manager that he must change the game uniform, for which he will give a prudential time of twenty (20) minutes and in case of refusal to comply with the decision, the referee may decree the match forfeit.

6.04. It is expressly indicated as an act violating clause 6.01 that players, managers or coaches in the field of play, dugout or bullpen, are photographed without the complete uniform. Any member of the Organizing Committee, arbitration body or annotation, may report the breach, and the Organizing Committee may take the corrective or sanctions depending on the severity of the case.

6.05. The Organizing Committee and the teams have the obligation to ensure that in their organizations there is a discipline based on the moral and ethical principles imposed by professional sports. To this end, they must support managers and coaches, when acting in compliance with these principles.

6.06. Before each game each team will deliver to the main referee, with a copy to the opposing manager, his Official Game Roster twenty (20) players, with the marking of his line-up.

The manager may only use the players that appear on the Official Daily Game Roster delivered.

If for any reason this Official Daily Game Roster exceeds twenty (20) players, those that appear after the number twenty (20) players will be considered as not registered.

6.07. If a player who does not appear in the Official Daily Play Roster delivered to the main referee, or a player not illegally registered contrary to the provisions of this Championship Conditions, actively participates in a tournament game, the offending team, if there is won the game, will be sanctioned with the cancellation of the result and the game won will be for the other team.

6.07.1. In order to avoid the participation of players who do not appear on the Official Daily Match Roster, the main referee will be instructed to review with the managers whether the player to be included appears on the Official Daily Game Roster given. at the start of the game.

Likewise, the teams are asked to demand from their managers the greatest care and formality when announcing the changes in the line up and avoiding errors. Special caution must be adopted when two (2) or more players of a team have similarity in the names and / or surnames.

As for the qualification of active participation of a player referred to in this clause, if the player who replaces another is not announced to the referee and does not appear on the Official Daily Play Roster, the fact materializes when the player occupies his position in the field of play and / or take a turn at bat and the referee gives the order to resume the game.

6.07.2. If the substitute player not announced to the referee appears on the Official Daily Play Roster, clause 5.10.j (former 3.08.a and .b) of the Official Baseball Rules will apply. The omission on the part of a manager to announce to the main referee any change of player, will originate sanctions to the manager that incurs in said lack on the part of the body of arbitrators and the Organizing Committee.

6.08. It is prohibited for players of a team to go or stay in the club house and dugout of the opposing team; as well as participating in talks or games with players of the other club before or during the game. The main referee, Organizing Committee or any of its members may make the warnings that they consider pertinent.

Exceptions are those cases in which players require attention from the doctor of the other club, their presence in anti-doping control stations is required or, for justified reasons, they use equipment located in the other club house.

Expressions or excessive public exhibitions that attempt against dignity, decorum or that are considered disrespectful to the players or the public in general are forbidden.

The players must abstain during the development of the party from signing autographs in the field and / or outside it, being able to carry disciplinary sanction.

6.09. It is forbidden to carry weapons in spaces where public spectacles or related events are held, with the International Professional Baseball Cup 2019, no player, manager, coach, employee, technical personnel, referee, journalist, manager, team manager, delegate, scorer, trainer, escort or amateur can enter with firearms to the stadium, club house, field of play or dogout, in events related to International Professional Baseball Cup 2019, be it holder of permits or legal licenses.

The Organizing Committee will be responsible for implementing the necessary measures to strictly comply with this norm. In this sense, a poster containing the first paragraph of this rule must be kept in a visible place within the stadium. Likewise, it must be placed on the official websites.

6.10. The security personnel of the stadiums must present a detailed list of the security equipment they require for control within the facilities of the International Professional Baseball Cup 2019.

They must have only the necessary and sufficient devices for the proportional and reasonable control of the facilities, establishing mechanisms of supervision and immediate reaction, which entail the effective and timely response to any event that disturbs or alters the performance of the sports event.

Any situation that is understood as a breach of this provision, after substantiation of the procedure, will be sanctioned by the Organizing Committee.

The security personnel of the players, must abide by the rules established by the security of the Organizing Committee, while they remain in any area of ​​the stadium or of the places where events are held alluding to the International Professional Baseball Cup 2019.



7.01. «CHAMPION» will be proclaimed the club that, having qualified in the first stage and in the postseason series, has won one (1) game in the Final Series.

7.02. The champion club is obliged to represent 4 Big International in the events that so decide for promotions, talks, social responsibility, and everything that is decided in order to increase the practice of baseball and its good habits.



8.01. The Organizing Committee is fully authorized to plan and execute an advertising and promotion program in all the activities of the teams affiliated to the International Dream Baseball Cup.

8.02. The teams undertake to give half (1/2) full participation of their respective radio circuit, at no cost to the Organizing Committee, so that it can use it in institutional wedges of twelve (12) to fifteen (15) seconds duration maximum. It is the responsibility of the Marketing Director to notify the Organizing Committee of any breach. The wedges will be delivered to all teams, who will inform about the transmission modes. Failure by the teams and / or radio circuits will be left to the Organizing Committee.

8.03. The teams have, exclusively, the right to transmit only the games where they participate.

8.04. The television contracts, international, will be negotiated by the Organizing Committee under the aegis of the Marketing Management and signed by the President, in accordance with the mandate granted by the teams. The rights of transmission and publicity of the regional television, which are not in contradiction with the contracts celebrated by the Statutes of the Organizing Committee, are of the strict faculty of the Organizing Committee.

8.05 The Organizing Committee is committed to having available broadcasting areas, properly conditioned for the radio and television circuit, clean and well attended, provided with meals and light beverages. The circuits undertake, in turn, to make use of the transmission areas with the number of persons authorized by the Organizing Committee.

8.06. In relation to the uniforms of the equipment, it is established that the name and / or mention or logo identifying the equipment and, optionally, the number of the uniform will appear on the front of the shirt.

a) The advertising logos that appear on the front will be at the middle level of the upper chest, between the letters of the uniform and the clavicle, one on each side, in size and dimensions not exceeding 6 cm x 6 cm.

b) Advertising signs may be placed on the upper and lower back of the player’s number. Mentions and / or political and religious slogans are expressly forbidden in uniforms.

c) The proprietary logos that identify the equipment are not subject to this limitation.

d) The teams must send to the Organizing Committee, in accordance with clause 6.02, the information on the size and other characteristics of the advertising logos on the front and back of the uniform for approval by the Organizing Committee.

e) Advertising signs may be placed on the pants on the front of the left thigh.



9.01. The Organizing Committee is responsible for the issuance and control of national credentials of managers with access to all stadiums.

9.02. The Organizing Committee will only issue national credentials to the following persons and will be signed by the president and the sports technical director.

9.02.1 DIRECTIVES of the FEDERATIONS: President, Vice Presidents, Sports Adviser and Former Presidents. Each participating Federation will have a section.

9.02.2 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE STAFF: Administrative staff, arbitrators, scorekeepers, collectors and commissioners.

9.02.3 TEAM GUESTS: Teams up to TEN (10) credentials will be issued per team, once the list with the photograph has been received by the Organizing Committee, having the obligation to send to the other teams an updated list. The credentials will give the right to access to the country’s stadium; however, in case they wish to be placed in chairs, they must request them, according to the procedure implemented in the stadium.

9.02.4 CREDENTIALS for JOURNALISTS and REPORTERS GRAPHICS: It will be the responsibility of the Communications Department to ensure the issuance, control and supervision of credentials.

9.02.5 CREDENTIAL OF PLAYERS: The issuance, control and supervision of credentials shall be the responsibility of each stadium of the host team. This credential will be valid in all stadiums where the team will play.

9.03 ANDALUCÍA ASSOCIATION TICKETS: You will have at your disposal THIRTY (30) complimentary tickets for each game day.

9.03.1. ARBITRATOR TICKETS: There will be twelve (12) complimentary tickets available for each game day, which will be given to the group leaders.

9.03.2. WORK PERSONNEL: The teams will accredit their personnel in each stadium. In those cases in which they have to travel for logistical reasons to other training stages, the team must provide a list of the people that must be transported. They do not have the right to a chair; unless the team, depending on its availability, decides to grant them.

9.04 VEHICLE PASSES: The Organizing Committee will be responsible for issuing and supervising the vehicle passes at its own headquarters and must send five (5) passes to each of the teams. The commissioners and scorekeepers at the headquarters where they are accredited will have their respective vehicle pass. These passes must be sent at least ten (10) days in advance of the start of the tournament.



10.01 The designated hitter (BD) is maintained in accordance with the Official Baseball Rules.

10.02 During the development of the Championship, players must remain with their teams while they are on the calendar.

10.03 The Organizing Committee is obliged to provide on its own the official balls necessary for the game.

It is strictly forbidden that any player, coach, umpire, manager of the visiting team, give away or appropriate the balls, except when appropriate to the out of finishing the inning. In case of contravention, the home club team may make its claim to the visiting team. In the event that members of the home club team fail to comply with this provision, it will be up to the arbitration team to monitor and apply the corrective measures they consider necessary according to their internal regulations. Once a game is over, the umpires must deliver to the Technical Sports Direction all the balls they have in their possession.

Except when it corresponds to the last out of the inning, any thrower or catcher who gives or does not give the game balls to the umpire, will be warned by the umpire for the first foul and then, for the second foul, must be expelled from the game by the umpire.

The Organizing Committee is obliged to guarantee satisfactory conditions in the dogouts of the teams. Organizing Committee will notify the teams of the minimum requirements.

10.04 Each team can make promotions in the sale of tickets, according to its marketing policy. When they affect the semifinal and final series, they must be informed to the Organizing Committee, who will notify the modality and conditions to the other teams. This notification must occur before starting the sale.

10.05 Accommodation and transportation will be exclusively the responsibility of the Organizing Committee. In the case that due to fortuitous or force majeure, a team can not move to another venue, it must immediately inform the Organizing Committee, who will take, once the circumstances are analyzed, the corresponding decisions.

10.06 Any act, show, animation, or distraction that interferes with the development of the game is expressly prohibited.

10.07 The baseball game and the players who participate represent the show offered by the Organizing Committee. The internal sound, announcers and / or animators, must be absolutely respectful with the referees, players and the public in general, nor under any circumstance may it interfere with the development of the game, nor make personal signals to teams, players, manager, technicians, referees or fans, oblivious to the technical, professional or entertainment information they must provide.

In this regard, they must refrain from broadcasting music, sound or voices during the action of the game, it being understood that any of them must cease immediately when the caster is in contact with the board in the throwing circle and / or the batter. in contact with the batting box. Likewise, where fans display standards, bands or musical instruments of any kind or symbols alluding to their team, they should not interrupt while a match is in progress. In the same way the teams and the Organizing Committee have the obligation to avoid by the fans or public that go to the stadium, the manifestations contrary to the ethics of professional sports, which attempt against morals and good manners, trying to take the forecasts in this regard.

10.08 No interaction of pets, entertainers or entertainers or entertainment personnel is allowed which interferes with the functions of the referees, players or team emblems and may only remain on the pitch between innings. In no case and during the development of the meeting, may they remain actively in the field.

Regarding the video monitors or electronic screen, it is prohibited to show images – fast or slow – of controversial or closed plays, in real time or in repetition that may incite the fans to retaliate against the referees or distract the players . The reproduction of images can not be done while the batter is in the batting box or the game is in full action. It is strictly forbidden to disclose ignoble images or sounds to referees, fans, players or teams. Advertisements on the stadium board must be programmed in a way that does not interfere with the game’s information.

10.9 The Organizing Committee must have a stand or kiosk, so that each team has facilities to sell official merchandise.

The press room is the exclusive use of journalists; For this purpose, surveillance and control measures required to prevent the presence of a person will be implemented.

10.10. CONFISCATION. A confiscated game (forfeit) is a game that the main umpire declares concluded, with a 9 x 0 score, in favor of the aggrieved team for violation of the rules. Official Baseball Rules No. 7.03.a (former 4.15), 7.03.b (former 4.17), 7.03.d (old 4.18) and 4.07.b (old 3.18) will apply.

10.10.1 In relation to public order situations that affect the development of a game, they include, in addition to the conditions established in clause 4.07.b (former 3.18) of the Official Rules of Baseball, as a cause of eventual confiscation , the throwing of objects to the playing field that create risks for the players, that have determined the decision of the affected team to withdraw from the field and any other alteration that determines situations of serious danger for the players.

Faced with such eventuality, the main referee will call those responsible for the security of the stadium and the police forces, so that they take the necessary measures to restore order. From the moment in which the aggrieved team has withdrawn from the field, it will give a first lapse of not less than fifteen (15) minutes before resuming the game. If the alteration persists after the game is restarted, and the team retires from the field again, a second lapse of not less than fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed, after which, if the situation of alteration continues, the suspension of the game, case in which, within one (1) hours following, the Organizing Committee will make a decision on the confiscation or not of the party in favor of the aggrieved team.

The internal sound of the stadium will collaborate with the maintenance of order and the restoration of calm. To this end, it will be placed at the orders of the main referee and will refrain from issuing messages with motivations other than the recovery of calm, to allow the completion of the game. Any breach in this regard will be considered a serious fault.

The main referee has the broadest powers to handle the situations described.

10.11 If, for any reason, the balance of the Championship is altered, due to fortuitous circumstances, force majeure or the act that , affect one or more teams, the Technical Sports Director will call an Extraordinary Assembly of team delegates. In said assembly the decision will be taken by absolute majority of votes.

10.12. The provisions contained in the Anti-Doping Program of the IOC, the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the IIOC, the Arbitrators’ Instructions, the Technical Conditions of Procedure for Call Review of Umpires and other regulations and norms approved and agreed upon will be part of these Championship Conditions. with the provisions of its Statutes.

Technical Management: Gerardo Oviedo. Given, signed and approved at the Technical Congress.

RULES International Professional Dream BASEBALL CUP 2019

This championship will be played according to the official baseball rules,

The conditions of the championship will only be valid for the edition of the corresponding year to which they refer. If by resolution of the assembly of delegates of each invited team any provision is applied to more than one season, this fact must be recorded at the time of its approval. The review, discussion and approval of the championship conditions will be clause by clause. Those that have been approved or rejected, it will be recorded, without the possibility of revisiting them, saved unanimously and before signing them definitively, request their examination again. The total or partial modification of the tournament conditions, once approved, will only be possible w with the unanimous vote of the sixteen (16) teams.


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