The appointment with the fate of Jorge Sánchez Díaz: Baseball

The appointment with the fate of Jorge Sánchez Díaz: Baseball

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He arrived in Seville with his family, the idea was to spend the New Year in that city of Spain.

Upon arriving at the hotel room, he opens the sky blue curtain and sees the burning towers of a large baseball stadium, the appointment with the destination had begun and Jorge was just beginning to notice.

«I have a stadium,» Sánchez told Venezuelans.

He told the Argentine businessman that he really wanted to do baseball and the stadium he mentioned was the one he saw in that hotel, La Cartuja in Seville.

Sánchez Díaz investigated a bit about Spain and its baseball.

«It has 27 autonomous communities, each one has its own sports organization, but with baseball it happened that there was practically nothing, I was committed to the idea but where I was going, they told me that it was not possible, the more they said no, I insisted that if it could be done, I kept investigating, for example, when setting up the national team, privileging the clubs around Madrid and forgetting the rest, because there was bad, I started working in my idea, a totally independent baseball tournament. «

Sevilla is for Jorge a forgotten city within Spain.

«It’s like a forgotten place and I told myself, this is my place, it’s beautiful, there’s good weather, there’s a seedbed, there’s a desire, there’s a commitment with the community to work and take this project forward» he adds.

Rugby went through the head of the businessman.

Football, everyone plays in Spain, it was then that he remembered his grandfather Celestino.

«He was a driver and in his spare time he played baseball, he went to the United States and he was paid to be a pitcher, he died and my grandmother did nothing but tell me about baseball, I went to the United States and my classmates who were from wealthy families, gave me tickets to go see the New York Mets or else, the Yankees, and in the best seats «he remembers while smiling.

Sánchez Díaz recalled his relationship with Victor Mata, a Dominican player who played for the Yankees in the 1985 and 1986 seasons.

«I saw a lot of inequality in baseball, and I know people who love this sport, people from all over, I think we can do something, I think it’s people who can contribute and we’re here to learn.»

And why baseball?

«I like the sincerity of baseball» says Sanchez while comparing baseball with rugby.

«I went into a fascinating sport, there are no artists like in soccer, for example, where there are players who act looking for a penalty, in baseball, you must show the best of yourself, you have a ball that comes to you almost 100 miles Time, a complex sport, if someone is in danger, everyone leaves, that’s baseball, a sport that brings together a whole family. «

This man is 60 years old, he considers himself an entrepreneur, baseball has led him to look beyond the horizon and when he sees nothing, he is sure he can find something great.

«I get up and fight, I get up and I fight and so every day, I do not know anything about baseball, but precisely, knowing nothing, I am captivated to investigate and act on it, I have life experience, I have experience in sports, work , in the principles, I am discovering myself with this, today I am proud of what I have discovered and I know that we are on the way «.

Professional Baseball Dream Cup es un sueño enorme.

«This can unite us around a sport that is perfect, in a sport where everyone is the same, on my phone, I had to create a whatsapp group for 12 people and suddenly today, we are more than 30 that brings together people from all the continents, from everywhere, from anywhere, it’s crazy, I like to communicate, that’s why I do this chat, I like to know the experiences of each one, then suddenly I have people from Pakistan, SriLanka, from Cambodia, I’m surprised by what is happening, there are people who do not even belong to the World Federation but who want to play baseball «he says surprised.

For Jorge Sánchez Díaz, this project is a meeting place.

«The universal language is baseball, my idea is that we can have fun here, baseball is cosmopolitan, baseball is forming a multicultural, this tournament does not put barriers, here we all talk baseball,» he concludes.

Professional Baseball Dream Cup tiene previsto realizarse en Sevilla, España en el mes de noviembre. Es una idea que tomó forma y donde países tradicionales como México, República Dominicana, Venezuela quieren jugar béisbol junto a países como Argentina, India, Pakistán.

Jorge Sánchez is an Engineer, CEO and founder of the sports events company 4Big Sports Events Europe.

By: Miguel Bastidas, journalist specialized in Baseball and Basketball.


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